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3/15 – Get Lucky Dash (NYC)


Come Ere Ye Leprechaun runners! Flash Dash Series ‘be having our 2nd Annual “Get Lucky Dash” celebrating St. Patrick’s Day March 15th at 10AM.

$25 registration includes a fun 5k, costume contest, 1st beer* (*ID required), post race party and jig.

It might be a bit nippy ’round the bibby but this is St. Patrick’s Day so plan ‘er running in a Fanlegend (that’s Irish for bloody fantastic) outfit!  Somethin’ that’ll make others green with envy.  Best Dressed prize categories will be given to individual’s as well ‘er teams.  So, round up all ‘er hooligans who love shenanigans and get registered HERE.

This is a Flash Dash (ie Flash Mob style running) so no timing or numbers; just FUN!  (I.E. Not for the ‘mind mice at crossroads’ or ‘cat mologen’.)

Start & Finish will be at Chelsea Brewing Co, Pier 59.   Coat check (free) and paid parking are available on site.  Bring extra cash if you plan to stay, drink, and dine!

1.  Email or Facebook this page to all your drinking/running buddies; ask ’em, “What About Ye?”
2.  Think up a crafty team name and clever costumes.
4.  Show up day of between 9:10-9:50AM to check in (‘er yeah, same day registration will be available).
5.  Fun Run our 5k, then stay to enjoy a frosty beer* on us (*ID required).

Course Map HERE:

Prepared to have a laughin’ good time until we’re all half-cut!

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